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We can dream a change or we can BE the change.
Myriam Bettinelli
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We can dream a change or we can BE the change.

Let's make the world a better place.

The topic of philosophy is very ancient. The word means love, study or pursuit of wisdom, or knowledge of things and their causes, both theoretical and practical.

Everything we know about science and religion comes from philosophy. It lies behind and above all other knowledge we have or use.

A philosophy can only be a path to knowledge. There can be no knowledge forced down your throat. If one has a path, then he can find what is true for him.

What interests all of us in the WHB ecosystem is just to show man how he can make himself free, happy and healthy.

This purpose, of course, is not very popular among those who depend on the enslavement of others for their life or power, but it seems to be the only way discovered that truly improves an individual's life.

Repression and oppression are the fundamental causes of depression. If you alleviate them, a person can raise his head, feel better, become happy and enjoy life.

And although it may be unpopular with the slave masters, it is very popular with the people. The common man likes to be happy and feel good. He likes being able to figure things out. And he knows that the road to freedom passes through knowledge. “Know thyself and the truth will set you free.”

So the philosophy of WHB is that you should share the wisdom you have, help others to help themselves and move forward despite difficult times, because there is always calm ahead of us. One should also ignore the warnings of the selfish intellectual who cries, “Don't reveal the mystery. Let's keep it all to ourselves. People can't understand."

But since wisdom has never been seen to do good only to oneself, and since we all like to see others happy, and since we find that the vast majority of people can and do understand, we will continue to write, to work, to teach and spread what we have come to know as long as the WHB exists, trusting that we can continue to collect, integrate and share what we know with what everyone else has also come to know.

For we know of no man who has a monopoly on the wisdom of this universe. He belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.

If things were known and understood a little better, we would all lead happier lives.

There is a way to know them and there is a way for ALL of us to reach freedom... Let's share and integrate our the WHB...

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